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Hey Danny here and welcome to my blog Sex with strangers

I recently went through a messy divorce with a woman I no longer recognized, the last eight months of our marriage were pure hell, and I was so glad when it finally ended that I let her keep everything including the house we shared. When I first met my wife we were both in our early teens and we were both young and naive and in love with each other.

But ten years later we both wanted different things in life, I wanted to move abroad and she wanted a career, we seemed to be arguing all the time, so in the end I moved out and let her keep the lot. It was the best decision I had ever made, I was happy again and I could do the things I wanted to do without been told I can’t.

I tried dating again quite a few times, but every woman I met wanted more than a one night stand, but I had no intention’s of getting into another long term relationship. So I decided to look into online dating which has turned out to be a god send, I found a site called Get laid tonight which recommended an adult dating site were you meet up for sex with strangers.

Three months after joining this dating agency and I’ve met up with nine different ladies, all with the same thing in mind, and that is to meetup for sex with strangers, all though we are no longer strangers, I have each of there mobile phone numbers and they have mine for future meetings.

I enjoy sex just like everyone else, but because I don’t know the women who I have sex with very well people think its wrong, well I’m here to tell you its not wrong in fact its so right, every single member of this dating site know exactly why they joined, to meet up for sex with strangers with no strings attached.

There are certain precautions you have to take, but you would do this anyway with any sexual encounter. I personally recommend this kind of dating site to people who are not looking for commitment, its very easy to join and once your a member you have access to hundreds of thousands of like minded people.

My outlook is lifes for living so enjoy it while you can, so go ahead and take a look at my recommended adult dating site and meet up for sex with strangers yourself.

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