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Its been almost three months since my last post, so I thought I’d better give everyone an update on my experiences with the adult dating site I’m with well I’ve met up with a further twelve women since my last post, and I,ve gotta say its been fucking awesome each time.

I’ve met up for sex with these women mainly at hotels and occasionally at there homes, but I personally prefer to travel to meet each of these ladies on there home ground, instead of them coming to an unknown area, it helps to put most of them at ease if you offer to meet them in there home town.

I seriously did not know there was so many like minded women around, willing to meet up for sex, if I had found this adult dating site a few years ago, it might have stopped me from marrying the bitch from hell. Still we all make mistakes don’t we.

I’ve actually got a date set up this weekend with a woman called Sarah, we met up for sex about a month ago and we really hit it off so we exchanged phone numbers and promised to phone each other if we fancied meeting up again. Sarah’s actually coming to my area for a business meeting and thought of me straight away.

The best part about this is her company has put her up in an hotel which is only two miles from where I live, so we will both stay there the night and we won’t have to pay for the room, nice bonus eh!.

Anyway its getting late here so as always I will leave you with the link for my recommended adult dating site so if you feel like getting laid you can give it a try yourself, and I will keep you posted on how the weekend goes.

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